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everything is sort of weird and sad and i want to sleep next to you

(Source: baby-dog, via moontang)


Here’s something interesting I found while reading my biology textbook. The production of light by living organisms is referred to as bioluminesence. It  involves the conversion of chemical energy to light energy. The chemical that becomes luminescent is called luciferin (after the light-bearing fallen angel, Lucifer). 

This occurs in a wide variety of organisms like the familiar firefly, marine organisms, microorganisms, worms, and mushrooms. The light is generally used to avoid predators or to attract potential mates.  


The Chair Screamer, a halloween decoration that will definitly scare your neighborhood kids. This ghostly man gets out of his chair and emits a bone-curling scream. If only it didn’t cost $2240. (Video)


A moonbow is a rainbow caused by moonlight. It’s a bit fainter than an actual rainbow. Moonbows are rare because moonlight is not very bright. A bright full moon is needed & it must be raining opposite the moon. The sky must be dark and the moon must be less than 42º high. (Source) (You may also like: 360 degree rainbows)


Mr. Stubs is the first alligator with a prosthetic tail. The alligator, which lost his tail as a youth after a fight with another gator, was brought to the Phoenix Herpetological Society in 2005. Inspired by “Dolphin Tale” a team of experts dove into the task of discovering the type of tail a gator would need.

Mr.Stubs used his front legs to swim. It was a poor substitute because usually alligators use their long and powerful tail. Luckily, Mr.Stubs has been fitted with a prosthetic tail. He’s learning to grow into it and use it. (Source)